Democratic Primary March 1, 2022




Neeta's Leadership Journey

I am honored to be a resident of Fort Bend County for the past 24 years. I have always been committed to serving Fort Bend County in every capacity. I immersed myself in the community to give back and made a difference in the growth and development of the Fort Bend region. I served in leadership roles in numerous community & service organizations.

I was elected HCC Trustee District VII in 2007 and re-elected in 2013 to represent Fort Bend and surrounding areas. I was a strong voice for Fort Bend for 12 years and delivered my promises with life-changing programs, services and new campuses for Fort Bend residents. I am humbled to have received numerous honors including recognition by the Texas State Senate, and as one of the Top 50 Influential Women in Greater Houston.

I also initiated several programs and summits benefiting youth, women, seniors, and underserved population. I established my Workforce Support Scholarship as well as the Trustee Neeta Sane Scholarship Endowment. I collaborated with several ethnic community organizations to celebrate the diversity and multi-cultural fabric of Fort Bend County.

I have been actively involved in the Fort Bend County Democratic Party since 2005, beginning as a Precinct Chair, Election Judge, then Democratic Party Secretary. I also initiated Democratic Chapters for Fort Bend & surrounding areas.

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Neeta Sane’s VALUES

 As a Resolute Woman, Neeta....

Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star

Stood with Steadfast Courage in all circumstances in years of Dedicated Public Service for Fort Bend County

Fought Hard for Fair Opportunities for Small Businesses, Jobseekers, and Underserved Communities

Empowered Women & Youth to excel by giving Hope and a Helping Hand with Coaching & Financial support

Collaborated with ALL with Multi-Cultural, Racial, and Religious Inclusiveness in Fort Bend County

Delivered Budgetary Promises & Life-changing Capital Improvement Projects to Fort Bend County against all odds!

Neeta Sane’s VISION


Pioneer Woman's Leadership on Fort Bend County Commissioners Court

Institute sustainable infrastructure for quality public safety, healthcare services, properties & mobility

Turbocharge Fort Bend’s economic engine to grow local small businesses,
job opportunities, and financial strength for Fort Bend